5 False Bible Quotes

5 Quotes You Thought Were in the Bible - But Aren't!

Nods to Scripture show up quite often in pop culture—from movies to rockstars.

Song to Baby

Former American Idol Contestant Sings Song to Baby She Nearly Aborted

2 years ago, Kimberly Henderson sat in abortion clinic about to end pregnancy. But when a card fell out of her wallet with an inspirational Bible verse...

Marriage Insecurity

How Insecurity Almost Destroyed My Marriage

When I became a wife, many of my insecurities were laced throughout my body language and expressed through my interactions with my husband.

Ruining your Life

5 Terrific Ways to Ruin Your Life (from Proverbs)

The Book of Proverbs gives us some amazing wisdom for life.

Easter Good News

What Exactly is the Good News of Easter?

Easter Sunday is approaching. You prayed for a door of opportunity, and it has opened.

A selection of devotionals that update continually.



A new study from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s ChildLine claims that one in ten 12 to 13-year-olds fear they are addicted to pornography.
A former Muslim said that Christians must love Muslims in a speech at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s Leadership Summit.
Is Indiana's religious freedom law a “license to discriminate,” as liberals claim, or a “protection of religious freedom,” as conservatives claim?
As criticism continues over Indiana’s religious freedom law, GOP presidential hopefuls defended Gov. Mike Pence’s decision to sign the controversial legislation.
More than 400 Catholic and evangelical leaders are using Jesus’ state-sanctioned execution to call for an end to the death penalty.