Times of Grief

How to Be a Better Spouse in Times of Grief

Intense grief hits every marriage in one way or another – there’s no escaping it

Marriage Material

10 Things You Need to Become Marriage Material

So often in the pursuit of love we get so caught up trying to find the right person, that we end up losing ourselves.

Christianity Dying?

Is Christianity Dying?

This is precisely what several of us have been saying for years. Bible Belt near-Christianity is teetering. I say let it fall.

Christians & Facebook

5 Things Christians Shouldn't Say on Facebook

There are some types of updates we Christians share that, for the most part, do more damage than good.

A selection of devotionals that update continually.



Robert Gates, president of the Boy Scouts of America, called for the organization’s ban on gay adult leaders to be lifted this week.
The United Methodist Church leadership has voted to submit a proposal to the 2016 General Conference that would remove “prohibitive” language about homosexuality from the United Methodist Book of Discipline.
The U.S. State Department reportedly sent a message to Assyrian Christians that their faith would not be a reason to grant them visas.
Josh Duggar, the eldest of 19 Duggar siblings, resigned from his position on the Christian Family Research Council this week after molestation allegations from 12 years ago surfaced.