Wrestle with God

How Wrestling with God will Change You Forever

For the last two years, I have been wrestling with God. I have wrestled night and day, asking for...

Six Myths

Six Myths That Will Kill Your Marriage

In order to realistically approach wedded bliss and live out our calling as man and wife in a biblical marriage, we must recognize six common myths...

SSM Reaction

3 Resources for Christians Wondering What's Next on Same-Sex Marriage

It is indeed not a time to panic. It is, however, a time to prepare for what may come...

4th of July Freedoms

Do You Celebrate These 6 Freedoms on Independence Day

The power of choice is one of the greatest freedoms we have in our country, and knowing where to find it is important, as we see in Proverbs 2:6

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal issued an executive order barring Westboro Baptist Church protesters from the Monday funerals of Lafayette shooting victims.
A Pakistani Christ mother of three children has reportedly been kidnapped and forced into an “Islamic marriage.”
Wheaton College will stop providing health insurance for some students Friday.
Actress Candace Cameron Bure says she is unafraid to show her Christian faith in Hollywood.
A Pentecostal snake handler died Sunday (July 26) after sustaining a rattlesnake bite during a church service.