Majority of Porn in U.S. is Viewed on Smartphones

Porn aggregator PornHub finds that in 2013, 52% of its adult content was viewed through a smartphone, representing a 47% increase over 2012.


Porn aggregator PornHub released its stats for 2013 showing that 52% its adult content was viewed through a mobile device in 2013. Another 10% of its traffic came from tablets. That’s up from 47% on mobile in 2012 and 7% on tablets.

PornHub is not just some small site serving the whims of a subset of randy Internet users. The site served 14.7 billion visitors this year. That’s 1.68 million visitors an hour. Those viewers watched 63.2 billion videos.

The United States was the only country listed on PornHub’s statistics to have the majority of its traffic come from mobile. This makes sense as smartphones have become nearly ubiquitous in the U.S. while still being adopted in countries across the world. That distinction is beginning to blur through as 49% of PornHub’s traffic in 2013 was on a smartphone (40%) or a tablet (9%). The United Kingdom used their tablets most for adult content (15%) while Mexico was second to the U.S. in mobile usage at 45%.

Source: ReadWrite

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