Christian Leaders Continue to Demonstrate Christ’s Love in Japan

In the three years since the tsunami in Japan, Christian relief organization Asian Access has continued to assist in the rebuilding of survivors' lives.


On March 11, 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake caused a devastating tsunami to sweep through Japan killing a total of 15,884 people. Well over 2,000 people are considered to still be missing.

Immense waves from the tsunami caused the Fukushim No. 1 nuclear plant to emit radioactive material. About 134,000 people were forced to evacuate; many of these people continue to live in temporary housing. Double that number are currently living as refugees from the tsunami.

Christian relief organization Asian Access (A2) member Takeshi Takazawa says that many Japanese people have kept hope alive in the years since the disaster.

“We have seen many, many people becoming Christians. They have seen the tangible love, and they’re responding to it,” Takazawa said.

A2 has a variety of projects working to meet the ongoing needs of survivors. One project that is underway is the construction of churches for the new believers to worship.

“We want to see this church established, Christ’s body established, all over this disaster area in the midst of the hopeless people,” Takazawa said.

What A2 needs most from Christians worldwide is continued prayer as Japanese lives are rebuilt.

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