VIDEO: The “It” Present This Christmas Is…

The year’s “it” Christmas present changes from year to year … or does it?

 The year’s “it” Christmas present changes from year to year … or does it?

Back in 1983, parents were fighting over Cabbage Patch dolls. “Elmo-mania” swept the country during the Christmas of 1996 as moms and dads did the impossible to get their children “Tickle Me Elmo” toys. The Nintendo Wii was all the rage in 2006. And in their zeal to make sure Timmy and Susie found the year’s hottest presents under the tree, too many parents found themselves pushed, shoved and even injured.

Procuring the year’s hottest toys can get very expensive – not to mention even dangerous. Not every parent can pay the steep price.

 But what if all those yearly news reports and “best of” toy lists weren’t entirely accurate?

Research shows kids not only need time with their parents, but that they yearn for attention from their moms and dads.

So it turns out that YOU are the “it” present this Christmas.

This should be welcome news for any parent who found that overpriced tablets and extravagant toys were outside their gift budget this year.

I’ll leave you with a heartwarming story that illustrates this principle. It’s a touching news report of a little girl whose Christmas wish was for her daddy to come home from Iraq. I’ll warn you, though – the video might leave you with tears in your eyes. (Browser users click here to watch the story.) (Mobile users click here to watch the story.)

All of us at Focus on the Family hope you have a Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior with loved ones. God bless you!

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